Sudan > Khartoum, the Nile and the Pyramids

Our Sudan Stories

In March 2014, a bunch of us made a trip to Sudan. It was a most memorable outing, with new travel experiences not available elsewhere in the world. Here’s the collection of the entries I have made on my blog, on this wondrous journey.

Khartoum to Marawi, a Desert Crossing

The Ruins of Jebel Barkal in Northern Sudan

Crossing the Bayuda Desert to the Musawwarat es-Sufra Ruins in Meroe

The Pyramids of the Royal Cemeteries of Meroe

The Nuri Pyramids and the Wondrous Nile

From Dongola to Kerma in Northern Sudan

Khartoum, Capital of Sudan

~ THE END (03/14) ~

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